Flamenco Caravan


Release Date: February 10, 2012
Source: Chronicle Journal
By: Michael Sobota

Excepts from "Latin-Infused Concert Heats Up Chilly Night"

"The best musical experience of the evening was hearing Ms. DiGiuseppe sing [Flamenco Caravan's] own composition [Echoes], co-written by Tony Agostino and the great Esteban Figueroa. You can hear it on a Flamenco Caravan disc. But hearing it live, with the strong and exquisitely detailed accompaniment of...Tony Agostino made it the high mark of the evening."

"Susanna DiGiuseppe is a musical force of nature. She can be languid, frisky, petty, sultry, seductive, and sometimes she can do all of those things in the same song. Her subtle, quivering vibrato sent shivers through the audience."