Flamenco Caravan


Release Date: February, 2013
Source: Various

Reviews of Flamenco Caravan live and of the new CD Liberation

From Mark Rheaume - CBC Music Resources - Toronto
Liberation is "another seamless effort by Flamenco Caravan. Perfect for CBC Radio."

from The Walleye - December 2012
by Meghan Jewell
"With a full band and powerful instruments...their music was energetic and their skills were more than impressive."
"Esteban Figueroa's cool, laidback nature on stage took the audience away from the chilly [winter] setting...while he played his hot flamenco guitar licks."
"There were times when [Susanna] startled the audience with her incredible piano skills, on top of her powerful voice"
"The percussion players, led by Jim Differ, especially wowed me, performing effortless solos and keeping the audience moving to the music."
"From jazz to rock to Latin-inspired sounds, Liberation is a must-buy."

from The Argus, Jan. 8 2013
by Stephanie Raycroft
"Susanna Di Giuseppe’s voice is just lovely. So understated, it is well complimented by lead guitarist’s Esteban Figueroa’s seamless [playing]."
"The band’s sound is well-rounded:full and complete, they leave no creative stone unturned; They leave the listener very satisfied."
"I definitely had a couple of this-is-too-good-to-be-true moments while listening to Liberation, but they quickly dissipated as I continued to sit back, enjoy the sound,and dance!"
"They aren’t afraid to mix genres either. The band takes influences from jazz, rock, Latin, Salsa, and many others."
"Wonderfully interesting and never boring is the best way to describe the mixture, and it must be heard to be believed."
"Flamenco Caravan took me on a musical adventure unlike any I’d been on in a long time."

from Jaques Edmond, Programming Manager, Ottawa Jazz Festival 2007
"The performance was absolutely fantastic; great playing adn singing and wonderful audience response; what more is there to ask?"

from Will Lee, David Letterman Band
"Susanna's voice is beautiful and the band has a great sound."